Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Friday - L'oreal HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner

I've been curious about L'oreal HiP Color Chrome eyeliners for awhile. My girls on MUA ( rave about them so I felt they deserved a try and at $9.99 each but on sale for Buy One Get One Free I charged into Walgreen's expecting to find an assortment of glittery overkill. Surprisingly these soft creamy liners are very un-teenybopperish, (that's a PB technical term, haha). Soft and creamy = ultra smudgable = smooth, not harsh on older eyes. They are available in four shades:

Black Shock--I can't detect any shimmer in this one at all, but it's a very very dark black without being too harsh if that makes sense!
Gold Charge--a bright deep gold almost a bronze
Silver Lightening--a bright shiny silver--a bit too shiny for my taste and age
Violet Volt--a jewel tone purple with a bit of shimmer

Chrome eyeliners take a minute to set up and then there's no budgin', they last as long as the Energizer Bunny! I have to say, I really think these rival Urban Decay 24/7 liners which I love, but are $17 vs. $10 and $5 on sale!

The only con I can to see the Hip Chrome eyeliner is that they are only available in 4 colors. C'mon L'oreal, I'm begging "Please Sir, some more?"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this eyeliner tip, I'm going to "charge" right over to my Walgreen's and buy some

Anonymous said...

Ladies what do you think: I am using urban decay eyeline & a store bought mascara (maybelline), which is NOT water proof and I seem to have tons left when I remove my make-up at night. Why do I have to go through like 3 cotton balls??

Prime Beauty said...

Ah yes, the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners last and last, but that's why they're so great! I would suggest an oil based eye makeup remover such as Almay moisturizing remover pads. Let it sit on your eyes for a few seconds before starting to wipe. Lancome Bi-Facil is a popular choice and the L'oreal version (they are owned by the same company) is available at your local drugstore.