Thursday, October 22, 2009

FTC Regulations & My Makeover

I would like to announce that Prime Beauty will get a makeover soon! I have realized that my feeble attempts to make this blog look professional have failed miserably. So I have enlisted some help from a professional, purchased my own domain name and have some other surprises in store for you that will hopefully make the site more pleasant to the eye and easier to navigate.

Since things will be changing around here, it seems an opportune time to also mention the new Federal Trade Commission’s regulations for bloggers.

The FTC has announced revised regulations concerning free products and paid reviews for testimonial advertisements, bloggers and celebrity endorsements. They have been working on this since June and it was just finalized. Violations may be charged up to $11,000, now that’s some serious cake folks!

Being a new blogger this doesn’t affect me much at the present time. I am not affiliated with any beauty company or PR firm. I currently do not have advertisers or sponsors, although this may change soon; I do need to cover my costs somehow. I do not accept pay for reviews. I strive to give you my honest opinion good or bad on the products I recommend or review. That is the only ethical way in my opinion and the only way I am of use to you, my readers.
As I previously stated, this doesn’t affect me very much presently, however I plan on being kind of a big deal someday so I am going to follow the lead of my more experienced bloggers friends and comply with the regulations by tagging all my posts in the following categories:

Purchase: Something I purchased myself because I wanted to try it. I used my own money.

Sample: Just as you do, I receive free samples from online purchases at Sephora,, etc. I also request beg samples at my local cosmetics counters.

Press Sample: I currently do not receive press samples, but this may change.

Product tested at counter: self explanatory

Gift: Exactly that, a gift from one of my friends or family.

From what I understand the FTC ruling is retroactive, so I will be updating all my posts. This shouldn’t be a big deal since I’m so new, however those signed up for my feed may be getting a few posts clogging up your in box. Please just delete them and know I am not trying to drive you crazy intentionally—blame it on the government!

This is probably a good time to post a general disclaimer too so here’s goes…

This blog is my hobby and my passion. I do not receive compensation for reviews or recommendations on products. All products reviewed by Prime Beauty have been purchased with my own money. If/when I do accept press samples from companies, there will not be an expectation or guarantee from the company of a good review. I will always give you my honest opinion; I feel that is a service I provide to you as a reader of Prime Beauty. But please note, my opinion is based on solely on my experience. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa--your results may vary. You should consult a professional if you have questions or concerns about a skincare product. I will not be held liable if you have a bad reaction to any product discussed on this blog. Some images found on the internet are considered to be public domain and are used on this site. If you are the owner of an image you see on Prime Beauty and want it removed, please email me and I will do so.