Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dior Cristal Boréale Collection


The star of this collection is this stunning pendant which was inspired by the "Crystale Boréale," a legendary Swarovski crystal-studded pendant designed for Christian Dior in 1955. What an exquisite pairing--the House of Dior and Swarvoski Crystal! Inside the pendant is a crystal-effect gloss aptly named Pink Crystal. The pendant has a total of 52 Swarovski crystals of which 4 are Aurore Boréale. The necklace retails for $80.  It would look lovely on a black turtleneck or glamorous with a LBD (little black dress) for the holidays.  I love when Dior combines jewelry with cosmetics, they do it superbly. Available for pre-order at

There are two single eye shadows in the Cristal Boreal collection: Precious Purple and Silver Gem, each embossed with the Cristal pattern. These eye shadows feature light reflecting properties to create a soft shimmering eye. $30 each.

The collection also includes two of the famous Dior quints. I love these so much I have unconsciously started a collection, yikes! There are 5 shadows hence the name 'quint', which are beautifully coordinated to work together. I have found though, that you have to be very careful with the Iridescent Quints; while the iridescent quality can be striking, some of them can look quite frosty which I don't think is flattering on mature eyes.

On the left is Smoky Crystal (#089), on the right Purple Crystal (#169). Oh this is going to be hard to choose! $56. Again it seems pricy, but when a single eye shadow is $30 and you are getting 5 for $56, it doesn't seem so bad. That's my justification anyway!

Beauty tip: To highlight, apply the lightest shade to the inner corner of the eyelid. To deepen and intensify the eyes, wet the darkest shade and apply as liner along the upper row of lashes, blending outward. To add more dimension: blend in a third shade of your choice over the eyelid and outer corner.

As for the lips, Rouge Dior in Illustrious Pink #465 (left) and Aristocratic Mauve #585 (right) with Creme de Gloss in Violet Shine #485 round out the makeup portion of the collection. Gorgeous all of them.

In additon, there are two nail colors--Dior Vernis in Silver Purple #782 and
Dior Vernis in Rose Boreal #162. $20 and Black Sequins #904 at Sephora only. (not pictured)

Lastly, there is a new Style Liner in Sparkling Purple #174 - $31.00
(not pictured)

The look on the model is so soft, pretty and ethereal. I will have to see the collection in person but from what I've seen online, I adore it and it's all going on my wish list. Dior has superb quality, elegant packaging and who can resist sparkles for the holiday season?  The Dior Cristal Boréale Collection hits Dior counters nationwide this month.