Monday, November 2, 2009

Makeup Mythbuster Monday

Hello Beauties! I've been asked so many questions and have heard a lot of frustration from my friends (usually after visiting a cosmetic counter) that I decided to start a new feature called.... you guessed it, Makeup Mythbuster Mondays. I hope this series will be helpful to you. If you would like to submit a question or like me to bust or uphold a makeup myth for you, email me!

Myth #1--Your concealer should be one to two shades lighter than your foundation.

True---Sort of. Ideally you should have two different concealers--one for the undereye area and once for your face. True, the concealer you use for under for eyes should be one to two shades lighter to conceal dark circles, however if you were to use that same shade to cover a blemish, wrinkle or age spot it would only draw attention to it because it is lighter than your skin and doesn't match your foundation. Makes sense, no? Let's not forget colored concealers for specific issues, for example, green for redness, pink to brighten, etc. So next time you're shopping for a concealer, pick up two, each in a different shade. A good tip is to always apply concealer after foundation--when you apply before, you end up blending it away. Another tip--blend, blend blend! Click here to see my Frugal Friday post on a great drugstore concealer. You'll be able to afford two concealers and your flawless face will thank you!