Monday, November 9, 2009

Makeup MYTHBUSTER Monday

MYTH: Skincare products are more effective if all used from the same brand


This is an age old selling technique that doesn’t hold up to examination. You know the drill, you go to a makeup counter to get, say a toner and here comes the spiel, "now you know our toner works best with our mositurizer; yes I see your skin is dry too" then, "if you add XYZ you'll get even better results--all our products work with each other and are only effective if used that way". Soon enough you've spent $300 when all you wanted was a $20 toner. I have fallen for this line more times than I’d like to admit and spent tons of money on products that don’t work for me and I end up not using or giving away. In fact, I’ve had the best luck with skincare products that are from skincare companies not makeup brands. It makes sense to me that skincare companies have more research and development behind their products since that's the only business they're in. There is no evidence that one products efficacy is more potent when used in conjunction with another, regardless of brand. If a product such as a toner, does what it’s supposed to do, there is no reason you need purchase all the additional skincare items in that line, it will not increase the efficacy of the toner.

In my current skincare routine, I’ve chosen whatever brand works best for my skin type and issues and most are not from the same line. I say ‘current’ because I’m always testing new products to review and write about in this blog. I've spent a lot of time, money and research in my quest to improve my skin and if I do say so myself, I get a lot of compliments on it. Below are the products I've found to a terrific job and without having to use the entire line.

Cleanser- Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. This cleanser is creamy and gentle to the skin but is a workhorse at taking off makeup, even stubborn waterproof eye makeup. It does not leaving skin skin feeling tight or dry. Suitable for all skin types.

TonerDDF 10% Glycolic Toning Complex. This is an anti-aging toner containing glycolic acid. It helps to dissolve the ‘glue’ that binds dead skin cells together making your skin look dull. By exfoliating the dead skin cells, the skin looks younger and brighter. I’ve been using this toner for a few years now and it has really made a difference in the brightness of my skin. However, this is not suitable for sensitive skin. There are toners made for all skin types; sensitive, dry oily, normal etc.

Serum- As we age we lose collagen, elasticity, moisture and a myriad of other things our skin needs to look fresh and young. Serums can help with these problems among many others. The type of serum you choose will depend upon your skin’s particular issues. There are serums for uneven skin tone, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and firming serums to name a few.

I’m using Bliss The Youth As We Know It concentrate and love it! It’s an anti-aging collagen-boosting serum. The same serum they use in their high priced spa for facials. It’s lightweight, has a citrus smell (maybe grapefruit?), absorbs well and generally makes me feel radiant. Bliss says there are encapsulated hydrators to continue releasing moisturizers for up to 6 hours. Ingredients include pearl illuminators, Hydroplex-3 encapsulators (that’s the moisturizers), marine-sourced skin renewers, oxygen boosters, advanced moisture binders and a brightening multi-fruit complex. It’s pricy, but it works beautifully. At any rate and at some point you will want to introduce a serum into your routine to give your skincare routine an added boost.

Day Moisturizer – Your choice of moisturizer will depend on how dry your skin is. If you are oily or still have that pesky T-zone you will want to go with something lightweight. I used DDF’s Ultra-Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew for years until my skin staring getting too dry for it. A good choice for normal skin is Olay ProX Age Repair Lotion; it has an SPF of 30 which means no need for a separate sunscreen. I refuse to use a moisturizer that doesn’t have SPF in it. I don’t want the hassle of having to apply a separate sunscreen that is most often greasy or casts a white shadow on my face. My choice of late (and I’m normal to dry) is Chella Anti-Aging Formula Morning Crema SPF 25. The formula is packed with peptides, antioxidants and botanicals but I like it most for how delicious it makes my skin feel. Check back for a full review.

Eye Cream – I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but the type of eye cream depends on how much moisturization you need and what you are trying to correct. I wish I had started using an eye cream before I saw a picture of myself and my co-workers at the company chili cook-off and I vowed to never smile again--but I digress. There are creams for puffiness, fine lines, dryness and dark circles. I will tell you this; I have yet to find one eye cream that addresses all these problems. If you only need a bit of moisture, then L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift 24 hr. Repair Duo will do just fine. It is a double ended tube with a day cream on one end (with SPF 15) and a night cream on the other. I need more moisture than this and in addition I have fine lines and crow’s feet. I’ve tried eleventy billion eye creams and I think I’ve found the one for me; Cures by Avance Age Definer Eye. It delivers moisture without feeling or looking greasy on the face. My under eye area feels hydrated all day and I truly believe my crow’s feet look softer. Yay!

Night Cream – This is where you can go a little heavier than what you might wear during the day to help replenish skin. I’m using another Chella product—this time Anti-Aging Formula Evening Crema Ultra Hydrator. This cream contains the proprietary Chell-x Complex which is a combination of peptides and botanicals. I am so impressed with this line! Stay tuned for full reviews of three of their best selling products.

Once a Week - An at home microdermabrasion treatment. I use Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System. A gentle (if used according to directions) exfoliation treatment to activate cell renewal and resurface skin. I prefer Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel but the difference in cost doesn't justify it for me.

An at home chemcial peel can also be used once a week. I recommend going to the MUAC (Makeup Artists Choice) website. They have many different products at different strengths and will have something to get you started. They also have great customer service so you can email a question and they will respond with a product choice that is best for your skin type.

Once a Week Face Mask - I'm kinda bad at doing this, but I do recommend it as an addition to your weekly routine. For oily skin; a clay mask to deep clean and control oil, a hydrating mask for dry skin to add mositure and plump skin, an exfoliating mask for dull skin to brighten and add radiance, a firming mask to reduce fine lines and give a more youthful firmer complexion. I need to find a new one now that my skin is drier than it used to be.

*This post is dedicated to my friend who was "sick and tired of every makeup counter trying to sell me their entire line. And I'm sick of hearing how only their products work together, yada, yada, yada".  Hope you enjoyed it L!!

**Please keep in mind my skincare issues may be different from yours and my recommendations are from personal experience and products I myself have tried. Your experience may vary. If you have troublesome or serious skincare issues, you should always consult a dermatologist.


Anonymous said...


This was an awesome column. I really appreciate all of the good skincare and make-up advise you have given me over the years.
this is my favorite column for two reasons. 1. It gives me so much useful information (to one day have skin 1/2 as beautiful as yours.) 2. The next time we shop, I know you won't have to try every product offered by a BA.....L

Prime Beauty said...

HAHA glad you enjoyed it L. Oh and sorry but I will still have to try every product!