Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now!

I've tried just about everything for my fine hair. Every stylist I've ever had tells me I have lots of hair, it's just fine---fine as in skinny, fine as in sticks flat to my head, fine as in no body, fine as in I need 4,972 products to get it to look half as thick as a normal person. My current stylist used Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray on me and I was impressed! First I like the fact that it's a spray, not a heavy mousse or serum which tends to weight my down, which is exactly what I don't want. It's light, smells great and gets the job done. It works best for me when I put it on damp hair and then style with my blow dryer.

This is a vibrating lash primer that works wonders. I was a faithful Cils Booster XL user so of course I wanted to try the vibrating thingy. What I like about this lash primer is that it really does what it's supposed to. Hurray! The thin-ish rubber brush separates lashes beautifully so you eliminates clumps and it lengthens wonderfully too. The thing I most appreciate about this primer is that at the end of the day my lashes don't feel brittle or dry, that actually feel soft and flexible. Amazing!

3. My new Jones New York scarf. This makes me feel beautiful. I love the colors and it's faux silk so it feels elegant. I have a teal jacket that I wear it with and I always get compliments. Plus--I got it on sale at Macy's for like, $7 bucks.

4. Limited Edition DiorShow Black Out Look - Catwalk Eye Makeup - Sephora Exclusive.  An adorable set that includes DiorShow Black Out Mascara and a cute mini quint called Smoky Light (019). I would love it if Dior would make a regular size of Smoky Light. A pretty white shade in the center makes for the perfect highlighter, the top two shadows are a gold and a brown and the bottom two are a silver and gray. True to it's the name, Smoky Light is perfect for a subtle smoky or daytime smoky eye. If you wish, apply with a bit of a heavier hand for more drama. I think this makes a great holiday look too as you have both the gold combo silver combos. Highly pigmented and easily to blend, this quality of this mini is just as good as it's full sized relatives.

The mascara is good too. While I still prefer Dior Iconic, this is a nice change. The strong points are a wet formula which helps to separate; ultra black pigment and when it dries lashes still stay soft.
Here's a close up of the mini quint, the key word here is mini. That's my blackberry phone next to it. But hey, it's $24 for both which is the cost of the mascara alone so the quint is free!


5.  Laura Mercier Black Turquoise Kohl Eye Pencil
Love this creamy formula and the color is fabulous! I disagree with the shade name however. I don't find this to be turquoise at all, emerald or teal green would be more accurate. However you describe it, it's a beautiful color and one I've been wearing quite a bit this fall. See above reference to teal jacket and scarf. I know you're not supposed to match your makeup to your clothes, but hey, I'm old skool--habits are hard for us to shake. And besides, I see nothing wrong with matching aside from the fact that I am regularly ridiculed by my 21 yr old daughter for being too "matchy matchy'. Whatevah!!