Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How do you store your makeup?

I have a lot of makeup--notice I didn't say "too much" or "a ridiclous amount"? Pfft, like there is such a thing. Here is my storage solution--an old "secretary' desk of my Mom's.

Isn't that color fabulous! It's an aqua shade which I guess was used in kitchens in the early 60's. You can see it's old and the paint is chipping off, but I kinda like it that way; shabby chic, no? It's perfect because it has drawers to keep seasonal products, like the tinted moisturizer I only use in the summer. Plus... it has little cubbies! I keep all my Chanel eye shadow palettes in one cubby, my Dior palettes in another, misc. palettes in another--um, after typing that I may be a  little OCD ya think? I bought some clear plastic organizers from Target where I keep my blushes, single eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and various odds and ends.  I would love to hear how you store your makeup--send me a pic or two!!

And last, my kitty sitting on the antique piano stool where I sit and put on my makeup :) P.S.-this is an older picture, I has since ahem, acquired a bit more makeup.