Monday, November 23, 2009

Benefit Holiday Glam 2009

I have to apoligize dear readers for being woefully behind in my presentation of holiday collections. The "sickness" has hit home and hit me particuliary hard. So I will do my best in catching up.

Benefit was one of the first brands to use some very creative packaging and the Holiday sets are no exception.

Limited Edition Celebutante Set ($34)
The Personal Stylist Makeup Kit by Benefit Cosmetics is a limited edition Makeup Kit to give you the celeb look. This portable kit is packed with everything you need to look like a Hollywood celebutante...eyes, lips, cheeks, you name it! It's a must-have for A-list glamour!

Set includes:
High beam luminescent complexion enhancer
Benetint, rose-tinted lip and cheek stain
Dallas, the outdoor glow for the indoor gal face powder
Lip gloss in I'm with the band
Full-finish lipstick in lady's choice
Full-finish lipstick in no competition
Velvet eyeshadow in leggy
Velvet eyeshadow in dandy brandy
Fluff shadow/talent brush
Step-by-step lesson

 Glitz Glam and Gloss ($26)
Wham! Bam! You're totally glam! We've wrapped up 6 shimmering new lip glosses in 1 fabulous kit. So much gorgeous gloss at such a'll be ready to kiss and tell! Shimmering glosses glide on smooth with a specially designed soft cushion paddle.

Set Includes 3 double-ended wands in 6 glam new shades:

Friends in high places (sparkling raspberry)
Kiss you (clear fuchsia)
Almost famous (copper penny)
Zone out (golden nude)
I'm with the band (golden pink shimmer)
Fresh-squeezed (pink grapefruit)

Sexy Starlet -The Best of Benefit ($58)
Look like the sexiest starlet with this set of Benefit's Hollywood faves...CORALista, some kind-a gorgeous and the award-winning BADgal lash, all stashed in a stylish clutch.

Set Includes:
CORALista, warm coral-pink cheek powder
Some kind-a gorgeous, oil-free foundation faker
BADgal lash mascara
Stylish clutch

Glam Idol Best of Benefit set ($60)
Who doesn't want more glam in her life? Give the gift of "instant celebrity status" with this set of Benefit faves. "That gal", california kissin' & posietint come stashed in a stylish clutch, all wrapped and ready to carpet optional!

Set Includes:
"That gal," brightening face primer
California kissin', smile-brightening lip shine
Posietint, poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain
A stylish clutch