Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can We Talk?

I have refrained from posting about every new MAC Collection on this blog. There are several reasons for this:
  • The brand seems to have a lot of bright trendy offerings that I don't feel are appropriate for women 40 and over
  • I don't enjoy shopping at MAC cosmetic counters because their sales associates are notorious for bad customer service. As a customer I like a relaxed atmosphere where I can peruse at my leisure and not have to listen to blaring Rap music--call me old school.
  • It irritates the heck out of me that they have a Limited Edition collection coming out constantly! I really think MAC has abused this concept, it's a marketing ploy that has reached the point of being ridiculous and many times there are "re-promotes" in the collection which means that the item was in a earlier limited edition collection and is being re-promoted, in other words recycled--grrrrr!!! 
  • When I shop at a cosmetics counter, I look at the makeup the sales associate or makeup artist is wearing, it helps me to determine if I like how the brand looks after it's applied and gives me a good idea of the skills of the person behind the counter.  The SA's/MA's at my MAC counter are as outrageous as they can be--this does not instill confidence in me. They also have a high turnover so no one knows much about the line with the exception of a woman I my friend and I call Ursula. And I don't mean the magnificent Ursula Andress, but Ursula the Sea Witch from the Disney movie Little Mermaid. She looks like this. I'm not even kidding.

This is definitely not to say that there aren't some great products: eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, the entire line is excellent quality and priced well, but in my opinion (take it for what it's worth) there are plenty of other lines that are high quality, priced well and aren't so annoying. Don't misunderstand me, I have lots of MAC makeup which I love, I just cherry pick the line and don't go as Rachel Zoe would say, Bananas over all the LE collections. There I said it.

So, for at least this time around, I am going to rely on my friend and fellow blogger, Karla at The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself blog to talk about the collections and provide swatches. 'Nuff said.

MAC Style Black here. I don't know about you but black lipstick is just not appealing to me

MAC Trend F/W  here  This is worth taking a look at, Tone Grey e/s quad and 4 limited edition lip products.

MAC Hi-Def here which is mostly foundations with 4 LE lipsticks and re-promotes (there's that word) & brushes.

MAC DSquared here

I would really like to hear your views on this subject so please let me know in the comments how you feel about MAC. Give me an idea of how you would like me t present the collections in this blog; just an overview, detailed, or compete reviews with pictures, swatches, etc?


The Beauty Thesis said...

I could not agree with you more. The scarcity principle and it's excactly my last blog post as well. They are brilliant, but it's making them wealthy $$$.

Prime Beauty said...

Thanks, I was scurred to post this since everyone gets so insane with MAC LE.

Elvira said...

I fell off the MAC bandwagon about two and a half years ago. After the Barbie release (which I loved BTW). Now it just seems that MAC wants customers to be Trendy buyers. What i mean is, they treat the cosmetics like clothing. Something disposable. Good enough to wear right now, but something that should be tossed next season. I prefer the classics myself, but can appreciate a few gems from the MAC collections while I can.
Thankfully I have been blessed with excellent MAC customer service in my area. Most SAs are friendly and helpful where I live.

Prime Beauty said...

I agree, maybe it's my age, but I prefer the classics that won't go out of style next week. I feel the LE thing started out as a good marketing tool, but it's gotten so far out-of-hand.

Glad I'm not alone!

Joey said...

I totally agree with Elvira. The Barbie collection was the last one I truly loved. Now, I try my hardest to stick to the perm line and ignore the LE collections.