Monday, January 11, 2010

Clarisonic I Heart You!

Ladies, previously I told you what a absolutely fantastic tool the Clarisonic skin brush was and how it can change your skin and your life for the better. Now there's another compelling reason to purchase one--the wonderful customer service! I bought myself a Clarisonic for my birthday in December of 2006; this December it quit working. I emailed customer service and they had a few suggestions, none of which helped. In the email, they provided my with a customer service number and I called it. The nice lady that answered my call explained that Clarisonic skin brushes usually last an average of two years and mine was three years old; HOWEVER she offered to replace mine! Maybe it was the desperation in my voice when I said I couldn't live without it another day or maybe Clarisonic just has excellent customer service, but whatever the reason a brand spankin' new Clairsonic and charger arrived a few days later along with a return label to ship my non functional one back. Viola! Done! I'm back in business and my skin and mood are much improved!! Now that's good customer service!!! Just sayin'.