Tuesday, December 1, 2009

REVIEW: Dior Smoky Crystal Eyeshadow Quint--I DIE!!!

It's here! It's here! My long-awaited Dior Smoky Crystal eye shadow quint!! Smoky Crystal is part of the Dior Holiday 2009 collection and I swear when I opened the Sephora box, the sun came out and I heard angels sing. It's stunning, spectacular, stupendous and all those other 'S' words. I can't wait to try it but I'm afraid to touch it so I've been gazing lovingly at it for the last 24 hours. Sigh, I will have to try it soon but first I will take pictures so I can remember it in all its splendor-- yes that's it!

Hmmm, I'm still a bit on the fence. Oh don't get me wrong--it's gorgeous and the shadows are silky soft, very easily blendable and the superb (there's another S word) quality we've become accustomed to with all Dior quints. Another plus--I don't even need a primer or base with this eyeshadow; the staying power is unbelievable. The problem is upon first application the shadows seemed too frosty. I used the silver shade on the lid, the charcoal shade in the crease and a light dab of the purple in the center of the lid. I had pretty much decided it was just too much when....I got a compliment at work on my eyes. Crap! Now I was going to have to try again! So....this past weekend I did try again and I used the pinky purple on the lid, and the charcoal in the crease with the silver applied very lightly on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eye. Guess what? Yep, more compliments AND one of them was from my 21 yr. old daughter--uh, now that's worth something! I said "but it's too frosty and sparkly" and she said "that's what I like about it"! To which I said "but aren't I too old for shimmery, sparkley eye shadow"? to which she replied "yeah, but I still like it". SOLD!!

The Dior Smoky Crystal Quint is comprised of (left to right) a sparkly silver, a charcoal grey, a pinky purple--maybe orchid (?), a light taupe and a pale sheer goldish taupe. These are all in the cool region but since there a few taupe shades so they seem to work for me. The name is a little misleading because you can't really do a traditional dark smoky eye with this quint, however I prefer a more subdued look anyway. I like the pinky purple for a nice pop or to soften the grey a bit. This quint is more shimmery than I would normally wear but since the shadows are so sheer, they impart a nice a sheen that makes my eyes glow rather than glitter. Me likey!

Packaging: The typical elegant blue compact with the Dior logo

Quality: Excellent--the shadows are soft and creamy, blend like a dream, shimmery

Value: $56 for a Dior eye shadow quint is not cheap. However, you are getting five eye shadows of very high quality.

Overall: This is an iridescent formula quint, therefore shimmery. However, it is sheer so it makes your eyes glow not glitter. Smoky Crystal creates a lovely silver or grey eye but has extra punch with the pinky purple shade.

Best For: Anyone that likes high end, high quality eye shadow palettes, cool toned beauties, or if you're like me, you enjoy silver sparkly things.

The Dior Smoky Crystal Quint is part of the Holiday 2009 collection and available at Dior cosmetics counters, dior.com and sephora.com

I purchased this item myself